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Ford Transit Cargo Van 350HD, High Roof, Extended Dual Rear Wheels. The TRV1000 Tactical Response Van is equipped to provide team and equipment transportation in critical situations. The exterior is outfitted with running boards, Rear Step and Grab Handles on each side allow your team to approach and deploy with ease. The interior features fully insulated walls with sound deadening marine quality carpeted finish. Bench seats double as storage for breaching equipment. Lockable divider with blackout curtain along with insulated window pads keep prying eyes out. Separate air conditioning and heating controls keep the team comfortable while preparing to move out.


TechOps Specialty Vehicles, LLC

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FS12-23 Fire Apparatus and Related Vehicles

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General Purpose, Emergency & Autonomous Vehicles






Ford Transit Cargo Van 350HD

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TechOps Specialty Vehicles, LLC

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