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How to Make Purchases Using HGACBuy

Using HGACBuy is extremely simple and can provide significant savings in dollars and time.

Step 1 – Interlocal Contract*

*(This step will only need to be completed once.)

Complete and sign the Interlocal Contract Form.

Email Address

[email protected]

Mailing Address

PO Box 22777
Houston, TX 77227-2777

Fax Number


Step 2 – Find Products and Services

Obtain specific product details from the HGACBuy website, then contact the contractor for assistance and a detailed price quote (Contract Pricing Worksheet). Contractor contact information can be found when viewing the Products and Services page.

NOTE: To comply with a funding source, OMB Uniform Guidance or other requirements, some contracts require an additional competitive step. When applicable, you will need to submit your specification/product description or scope of work to a minimum of 3 contractors listed to obtain a detailed quotation based on the pricing and products/services awarded in the HGACBuy contract. You can make your selection/award contingent on your own criteria which must be included in your request for quote.

Step 3 – Submit Your Purchase Order

Prepare and submit your purchase order along with the quote directly to the relevant HGACBuy Contractor. Purchase Orders should include specific details regarding the purchase (i.e., name of the Member's contact person, shipping/delivery instructions, and installation details, if any). The Contractor must then submit these documents to HGACBuy Procurement Staff.

Step 4 –HGACBuy Order Confirmation

When the copy of a purchase order and quote are received by HGACBuy (see Step 3 above), an Order Confirmation is prepared and sent to the Member and the Contractor, authorizing the Contractor to proceed with the order.

Step 5 – End User Payments for Products and Services

All contracts between HGACBuy and its contractors require prompt payment upon delivery of products/services to a Member. Upon receipt and acceptance of goods and services from the Contractor, End User must pay the Contractor directly, the full amount of the invoice within 30 days.

If you are experiencing an area wide disaster, we can accept a Disaster/ Emergency Letter of Intent(DLOI) signed by your CEO to cover a 180 day period. Click on the link below for more information.

Disaster/ Emergency Letter of Intent(DLOI)

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Disaster/ Emergency Letter of Intent

“H-GAC has consulted with a legal expert experienced in FEMA procurement and has updated the specification and solicited new Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery Contracts.”

Click here to know more

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How to Become an End User?

To become an End User and participate in purchasing through HGACBuy, you must:

  • Be a state agency, county, municipality, special district, or other political subdivision of a state, or a qualifying non-profit corporation (providing one or more governmental function or service)
  • Possess legal authority to enter into the Contract.

The End User warrants that both requirements are fulfilled by execution of an Interlocal Contract (ILC.

Click here to know more about becoming an End User.

Join us for a Contractor Orientation Webinar

The orientation will discuss:

  • Our cooperative environment
  • Requirements for Member participation
  • Preparing Contract Pricing Worksheets
  • Purchase orders and Order Confirmations
  • Quarterly Activity Reporting

Join us for a Virtual Open House - Consulting & Staffing Services

It will begin at 10:00 AM Central Time.

Description: The Open House is a convenient opportunity for members, potential members, partners, vendors, and staff to assemble and communicate virtually, while learning about specific products/services offered through our contracts and the benefits of participating in The HGACBuy Cooperative Purchasing Program.

This event will highlight the following HGACBuy contracts:

  • CP04-20: Community Planning Services
  • MC12-19: Marketing, Public Relations, & Event Planning Services
  • OM03-21: Office Management Software Solutions
  • TS06-21: Temporary Staffing, Direct-Hire and Other Employer Services

Join us for an HGACBuy Member Orientation

The HGACBuy Member Orientation will:

  • Give an overview of HGACBuy
  • Explain the advantages of using HGACBuy
  • Review the HGACBuy Order Process
  • View useful resources on the HGACBuy Website

Member orientations are scheduled monthly for your convenience.