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Amateur Radios, Receivers, Aviation Radios, Marine Radios, Land Mobile Radios Analog and Digital (P25 Phase 1, Phase 2 and IDAS NXDN) Mobiles, Portables, Base Stations, Repeaters, Trunking systems, Control Stations, Virtual radio software, IP linked systems, Multirunk systems, WLAN Radios and Accessories for Icom radios.


Icom America Inc.

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RA05-21 Radio Communications/Emergency Response Equipment

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Communications Equipment & Services

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Radios; Receivers; Aviation; Marine; P25; Portables; Base Stations; Repeaters; Trunking Systems

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Icom America Inc.

Kristina Pickering
[email protected]
Phone: 1-800-306-1403
Fax: 425-450-6063

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Joshua Cadoree

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