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Radio Communications/Emergency Response Equipment

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08/01/2021 - 07/31/2024

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Program contracts include a wide variety of Radio Communication Equipment, Command & Control Equipment, Mobile Satellite Communications Equipment and Integrated Services.

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A Manufacturer of test equipment used to maintain and service Land-Mobile Radio technology XA-3 Freedom Communication Technologies, Inc.
Activu Software, services and integration WB Activu Corporation
Amateur Radios, Receivers, Aviation Radios, Marine Radios, Land Mobile Radios Analog and Digital (P25 Phase 1, Phase 2 and IDAS NXDN) Mobiles, Portables, Base Stations, Repeaters, Trunking systems, Control Stations, Virtual radio software, IP linked systems, Multirunk systems, WLAN Radios and Accessories for Icom radios. JA Icom America Inc.
Battery chargers and accessories for two-way radios. XA-4 Power Products Unlimited LLC
BK portable radio, mobile radio, and base station radios XA-1 BK Technologies, Inc.
DAMM develops radio networks, broadband, mapping and dispatch console systems XA-2 DAMM Cellular Systems, Inc.
Digital and analog land mobile radios. XA, SA, XD PowerTrunk, Inc.
EF Johnson will be offering a complete line of P25 radio equipment including: Land Mobile Radios and Accessories, Base Stations and Accessories, Communication Control Console Systems; Portable Radios and Accessories, and Radio Trunking Systems. FD, NA E. F. Johnson Company
Interoperability and Optimization Services. List of microwave OEMs, Network (routing and Wi-Fi) OEMs and varied Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) OEMs. MPLS Internet Protocol (IP) Enternet network, application transport and Project 25 (P25) LMR networks D IPKeys Power Partners, Inc.
Land Mobile Radio, SNV-12 modular receiver, RoIP, WAIS (Wide Area Interoperability System), ACU-1000 units MC JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc.
Microwave Networks Incorporated is a trusted global provider of wireless infrastructure and last-mile transmission solutions. We design, manufacture, install, and service licensed and unlicensed, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint microwave systems. We offer full backhaul wireless and complete turnkey solutions for public safety, mobile carriers, private communication networks, next generation IP and LTE/4G networks. A US corporation, Microwave Networks is headquartered in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area with global sales services and support locations. OA Microwave Networks Incorporated
Mobile and Portable radios, Base stations, Trunking Systems, Dispatch Consoles, Mobile Data Systems, Mobile Data Subscribers, Mobile Computing Devices, Broadband Wireless Mesh Infrastructure and Subscribers, Video and Biometrics, Radio Infrastructure (Towers, Shelters, UPSs and, Generators), LTE Equipment/Services, Next Gen 911 Equipment/Services, Intelligent LED Policing, Real Time Video Solutions, CAD and Records Management Integrated Command Control Equipment, System Integration Services Emergency Trailers, System Integration Services, Command Vehicles Project Management, System Engineering, System Technologist,Training, Advanced Services, Video and Network Management PA, PB, PC, PD Motorola Solutions, Inc.
Nokia of America Corporation offers equipment used for Microwave, Packetized Radio Transmission, back haul first mile/last mile and equipment to furnish an end to end MPLS Network Solution. With all the installation and support services for ongoing support. AA, AD Nokia of America Corporation dba Nokia Innovations US LLC
Offers world-class voice, data, and video solutions. Wireless communication technology XC, PA, BA, XD, AA, XA Mobile Communications America, Inc.
P25-Phase 25 technology, Land Mobile Radio devices that adhere to TIA/EIA P25 standards GA L3Harris Technologies, Inc.
Professional and Commercial Radio, Project 25 Systems , Radio Equipment, Two-way radio subscriber units and infrastructure PA, XD Advantage Communications
Radios; Receivers; Aviation; Marine; P25; Portables; Base Stations; Repeaters; Trunking Systems HA, HB First In Software
SIAE is an acknowledged world leader in the microwave communicaion and millimeter wave customer apllicaions. XA-5 SIAE Microelettronica, Inc.
The Tait Communications solution portfolio of Unified Critical Communication radio technology includes P25, DMR and MPT portables, mobiles, base stations, repeaters and networks with peripheral options and accessories. Tait technology delivers decades of experience in Private Mobile Radio systems—trunked MPT 1327 and P25 conventional, trunked, simulcast and DMR Digital Mobile Radio Tier 2 and Tier 3 Network technology.  Tait Tough solutions provide mission critical communications for public safety, public services, public transportation, the utility industry, local government and nationwide government organizations. TA, TD Tait Communications
Zetron Dispatch Products MAX Dispatch Pro is an end-to-end IP based telecommunications console system designed for mission-critical dispatch applications. Because MAX Dispatch employs the latest, standards-based IP protocols and IT best practices, it offers the highest levels of interoperability, scalability, and usability. This product is packaged to meet the needs of medium to larger sized systems that utilize an extensive console feature set. Our dispatch solution offers products for MAX Dispatch Pro, MAX Dispatch Standard, IP Fire Station Alerting System, Pathway Product Family, MAX Solutions CAD and GIS, Logging Recorders, M6300 RoIP Gateway. The upgrade option is our ACOM Advanced Communications Systems solution." Zetron Services Zetron offers a range of services that help ensure that systems are installed and configured to run optimally and to best support their operational needs. Services include Customer Fulfillment Technical Support, Miscellaneous Services, Warranties, Product Service Plans, and Training." VA, VD Zetron, Inc.