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The NICE Inform is the most comprehensive suite of integrated Incident Information Management applications that enable public safety agencies, transportation control centers and utilities to effectively record, manage and derive valuable insights from today’s higher volume and variety of communications. It captures multimedia communications and helps you manage, synchronize and put incidents into context – saving you time, money and resources; while ensuring quality and compliance.


NICE Systems, Inc.

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RP07-20 Record & Playback Systems

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Communications Equipment & Services



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Integrated; Information Management; Communications

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A Third Opinion Solutions Corp.

Bill Kennedy
[email protected]
Phone: 866-428-6765 x1406
Fax: 866-428-6765

Edge One Solutions, Inc.

Todd Williams
[email protected]
Phone: 919-554-1954
Fax: 919-554-9257

Firstline Business Systems, Inc.

Della Mauler
[email protected]
Phone: 360-695-3138
Fax: 360-334-5076

NICE Systems, Inc.

Paul Alfano
[email protected]
Phone: 214-412-8693

NICE Systems, Inc.

Joe Scaffidi
[email protected]
Phone: 201-665-8841
Fax: 551-256-5252

Voice Products, Inc.

Brett Johnson
[email protected]
Phone: 316-616-1111
Fax: 316-263-1823

Voice Products, Inc.

Marisa Shideler
[email protected]
Phone: 800-466-1152
Fax: 316-263-1823

Word Systems, Inc.

Jim Halsmer
[email protected]
Phone: 317-544-0499 Ext. 1110
Fax: 317-544-2192

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Loleta Chappel

[email protected]
Phone: 713-993-2486
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