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11/01/2020 - 10/31/2024

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Catalogs covering playground/child development equipment, safety surfacing, tables, benches, bleachers, shelters/canopies, drinking fountains, lighting, prefab restrooms, grills, and sports and leisure equipment (exercise stations, skate parks, water parks).

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Description Code Manufacturer Price Discount
2020 Cedar Forest Shelters Catalog PR11-20A08 Cedar Forest Products 6.00%
2020 Classic Recreation Systems Shade and Shelter Equipment Catalog PR11-20A10 Classic Recreation Systems, Inc. 6.00%
2020 Dog-On-It-Parks Catalog-Dog Park Equipment Catalog PR11-20A14 Dog-On-It Parks 5.00%
2020 ExoFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment Catalog PR11-20A18 ExoFit 5.00%
2020 Freenotes Harmony Park Catalog PR11-20A21 Freenotes Harmony Park 5.00%
2020 Henderson Playground and Site Amenities Catalog PR11-20A26 Henderson Recreational Equipment 10.00%
2020 Icon Shade and Shelter Product Catalog PR11-20A27 Icon Shelter Systems 10.00%
2020 International Mulch Company Catalog PR11-20A29 International Mulch Co. 5.00%
2020 Modern Shade Catalog PR11-20A35 Modern Shade, LLC 5.00%
2020 NRS Bleachers Catalog PR11-20A37 National Recreation Systems (PlayCore) 5.00%
2020 Paris Site Furnishing and Outdoor Exercise Equipment Catalog PR11-20A40 Paris Equipment Manufacturing Ltd. 6.00%
2020 Patterson-Williams Athletic Equipment and Site Furnishings Catalogs PR11-20A48 PW Athletic Mfg. Co. 5.00%
2020 Petersen Site Furnishings Catalog PR11-20A41 Petersen Manufacturing 5.00%
2020 Pierceton Rubber Catalog (Dynacushion, PlayPet, DynaBoulder, DynaCurb, and Activity products lines) PR11-20A42 Pierceton Rubber 5.00%
2020 Playcraft Playground Equipment and Site Furnishings Catalogs PR11-20A43 Playcraft Systems (Playcore) 5.00%
2020 PlayMatta Playground Surfacing Catalog PR11-20A44 PlayMatta 10.00%
2020 PlayMax Playground Surfacing Catalog PR11-20A45 PlayMax Surfacing 5.00%
2020 SofSurfaces Catalog (DuraSAFE, DuraTRAIN, DuraSOUND, DuraSTRONG, SofRAMP lines) PR11-20A54 SofSurfaces 10.00%
2020 Stern-Williams Drinking Fountains, Wash Stations, and Outdoor Showers Catalogs PR11-20A57 Stern-Williams Co., Inc. 5.00%
2020 TotTurf, PupTurf, SecureLock, and SplashTread Safety Surfacing Catalogs PR11-20A50 Robertson Recreational Surfaces 5% (inclusive of install)
2020 Vista Site Furnishings Catalog PR11-20A61 Vista Furnishings 10.00%
2020 Wabash Valley Catalog PR11-20A63 Wabash Valley 5.00%
2020 Waterplay Waterpark Equipment Catalog PR11-20A64 Waterplay Solutions Corp. 10.00%
2020 Zeager's Wood Carpet Catalog PR11-20A65 Zeager Bros, Inc. 10% (list prce sheet shown as delivered)
2021 BCI Burke Park & Recreation Catalog PR11-20A05 BCI-Burke 7.00%
2021 Berliner Seilfabrik and Urban Design Lines Catalog 8/10/2021 PR11-20A06 Berliner Seilfabrik Play Equipment 6.00%
2021 Columbia Cascade TimberForm & PipeLine playground, site furnishings, bike security, and outdoor fitness equipment PR11-20A11 Columbia Cascade Co. 5.00%
2021 Shade Covers, Canopies, Tents, Umbrellas & Shelters Catalog PR11-20A53 Shade Systems 3.50%
2022 Century Industries Stationary and Mobile Bleachers & Stage Equipment Catalog (Revised Effective Date: 11/17/2022) PR11-20A09 Century Industries, LLC 5.00%
2022 Fibar Safety Surfacing Catalog PR11-20A20 Fibar Playground Surfaces 10% (installation included on poured-in-place product line)
2022 ForeverLawn Synthetic Surfacing Catalog (ForeverLawn Landscape, K9Grass, SportsGrass, Playground Grass, Splashgrass, GolfGreens, and BocceGrass product lines) Revised Effective 11/15/2022 PR11-20A19 Forever Lawn 10.00%
2022 Landscape Structures Catalog (Park & Playground Equipment, PlaySense, SkyWays, and Aquatix product lines) (October 14, 2022) PR11-20A32 Landscape Structures 6.00%
2022 MyTCoat Site Furnishings Catalog PR11-20A36 MyTCoat 6.00%
2022 PlayWorld Systems Park & Playground Solutions Catalog PR11-20A47 Playworld 10.00%
2024 SII Catalogs (Grounds for Play, Quick Ship Playgrounds; Child Works: Superior Playgrounds, Superior Shade, Superior Site Amenities; Bleachers & Surfacing) PR11-20A58 Superior International Industries 12.00%