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Water, Gas, And Electric Meters And Associated Equipment

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09/01/2020 - 08/31/2024

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Large assortment of options including certain products like, Water meter assemblies, enclosures, lightning and surge protectors, locking devices, signal isolators, temparature transmitters, modems and fiber optic switches.

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Description Code Manufacturer Price Discount
3G Dialog and Interpreter Register pricing catalog WM0924M Master Meter 20.0%
Aclara AMI Reading System pricing catalog WM0927A Aclara 20%
Aclara Data Collectors System pricing catalog WM0927B Aclara 20%
Aclara Fixed Network Services pricing catalog WM0927C Aclara 20%
Aclara Zonescan Leak Detection prining catalog WM0927D Aclara 20%
Act-Pak Instrumentation and Transmitters Pricing Catalog WM0925L Aqua Metric 20%
Allegro Fixed Network Metering pricing catalog WM0924A Master Meter 20.0%
AMI System Add-On Features WM0925D Aqua Metric 1%
AMI Systems & Endpoints Accessories Price Catalog WM0913I Neptune 3.50%
AMI/AMR System - Software Products Pricing Catalog WM0925B Aqua Metric 1%
AMR System Endpoints & Accessories Price Catalog WM0913H Neptune 3.50%
AMR/AMI System - Infrastructure Pricing Catalog WM0925A Aqua Metric 20%
Commercial Metering assemblies pricing catalog WM0913B Neptune 3.50%
Commercial Water Metering Assemblies Pricing Catalog WM0925G Aqua Metric 20%
Dual Body Compound Meters pricing catalog WM0924F Master Meter 20.0%
Electric Metering Assemblies Pricing Catalog WM0925H Aqua Metric 20%
Encoders pricing catalog : Ecoder & ProCoder WM0913K Neptune 3.50%
Fire Hydrant Meter pricing catalog WM0924L Master Meter 20.0%
Fire Hydrant Meters Pricing Catalog WM0925K Aqua Metric 20%
Fire Service Metering assemblies pricing catalog WM0913C Neptune 3.50%
Gas Metering Assemblies Pricing Catalog WM0925I Aqua Metric No Bid
Handheld Reading Unit/Handheld Radio Reading Unit WM0926B Datamatic 10%
Harmony AMI Systems pricing catalog WM0924B Master Meter 20.0%
HydroPro Soltuions Pipe and Waterline Dectection Products pricing catalog WM0928B HydroPro 15%
HydroPro Solutions Meter Installation pricing catalog WM0928D HydroPro 15%
HydroPro Solutions Project Management pricing catalog WM0928C HydroPro 15%
HydroPro Solutions Software Management WM0928G HydroPro 15%
HydroPro Solutions Water Collection Monitoring WM0928F HydroPro 15%
HydroPro Solutions Water Leak Dectection Products pricing catalog WM0928A HydroPro 15%
Intermediate MS Multi-Jet Meters pricing catalog WM0924H Master Meter 20.0%
Management Software pricing catalog WM0924K Master Meter 20.0%
Master Meter Turbines pricing catalog WM0924J Master Meter 20.0%
Meter Installation and Testing Services Pricing Catalog WM0925E Aqua Metric 10%
Meter Parts Price List WM0913D Neptune 3.50%
MIU/Meter Interface Unit WM0926A Datamatic 10%
Mobile Drive By AMR pricing catalog WM0924I Master Meter 20.0%
Mobile Radio Reading Unit WM0926C Datamatic 10%
Mobile Terminal pricing catalog WM0924N Master Meter 20.0%
Neptune 360 Metering Software Price Catalog WM0913G Neptune 3.50%
Octave Ultrasonic Meter assemblies pricing catalog WM0924D Master Meter 20.0%
Portable Meter Test Equipment Pricing Catalog WM0925J Aqua Metric 20%
Project Management and Implementation Services Pricing Catalog WM0925C Aqua Metric 1%
Reading Data Management Software WM0926D Datamatic 10%
Residential Metering assemblies pricing catalog WM0913A Neptune 3.50%
Residential Meters pricing catalog WM0924G Master Meter 20.0%
Residential Water Metering Assemblies Pricing Catalog WM0925F Aqua Metric 20%
Resolution Absolute Encoder pricing catalog WM0924E Master Meter 20.0%
Sensus All Product Parts Catalog WM0925M Aqua Metric 20%
Toughbook Tablets Reading System catalog WM0924C Master Meter 20.0%