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Marketing, Public Relations & Event Planning Services - MC12-16

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Contract No.: MC12-16

Effective Date: December 1, 2016 thru November 30, 2019

HGACBuy has established contracts with the following firms to provide Marketing/Advertising, Public Relations & Promotions, Creative Consulting and Event Planning Services.

Below you will find the broadly defined Service Categories. The categories may include, but not be limited to, such functions as:

A. Marketing/Advertising Services

Conceptualization; Production; Messaging; Strategy Development; Copy Writing; Media Planning, Negotiation and Buying; Market Research; Photography. Possible end products and or services are advertising campaigns, scripts, multimedia production i.e. media packages, television and radio spots, print ads, social marketing, social media, social networking, internet and outdoor products including banners, billboards, bus cards and signage, advising End Users on advertising and media matters, direct mail programs as well as research including surveys, focus groups and intercepts, strategic planning documents, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). This description is not meant to be limiting.

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B. Public Relations & Promotional Services

Media Relations; Community Relations; Editorial Writing; Editing; Press Conferences; Special Events. Possible end products and or services may include press releases, press kits, articles, coordinating the requirements of End User and supplier activities as related to public relations, PR services, crisis communication, public affairs, marketing communication, public information and publicity, public outreach, media relation and other PR & marketing communication, promotional goods and other promotional items, promotional event materials including handouts, audio visual presentations, speaker points and speeches. This description is not meant to be limiting.

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C. Creative Process Services

Graphic Design; Production; Copy Writing; Web Design and Programming; Print Preparation and Press Checking; Photography and Illustration. Final product development may include graphic design, logos, animation, copywriting, technical writing, publishing, editing services, web design, web development, web application, web hosting, photography, video development and production, film production, filmmaking, documentaries television production, motion picture, brochures, POS materials, newsletters, invitations, posters and signage. This description is not meant to be limiting.

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D. Event Planning Services

Event Design & Planning; Site Research; Venue Negotiations and Booking; Registration Management & Coordination; Exhibitor and Sponsorship Coordination; Budget Control and Reporting; Conference management services including breakout sessions, food & beverage planning and contracting, exhibitions, trade shows, signage, logistics planning and liaison, billing management, reporting, speaker identification & booking, security management and audio/visual coordination. This description is not meant to be limiting.

Please click on the Contractor links below to view services provided and rates. You will then need to contact the Contractors(s) you selected in order to receive a written quotation.

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BQR Advertising and Public Relations, Inc.

BQR has grown into a full-service advertising agency and public relations firm and has been operated by the same owner since its inception. As a woman and Hispanic-owned business, BQR is certified as a M/WDBE by the City of Houston and the Houston Minority Supplier Development Corporation; an ACDBE by the City of Houston; a woman-owned business by the WBEA and a HUB by the State of Texas.

BQR attributes its success to an ability to develop long-term, satisfying relationships with clients of all types and sizes and to offer a full complement of services comparable to those provided by the largest agencies.

BQR offers the following services:

Public Relations and Social Media
Special Events, Meetings and Destination Management
Graphic Design, Illustration and Animation
Advertising and Media Buying
Marketing and Media Research and Planning
Television and Radio Creative Services
Website Design and Digital Marketing



Job Title/Classification

Creative Director

Account Service

Art Direction

Graphic Design and Layout

Account Supervision

Web Design and Programming

Production Coordination


Media Research and Planning

Web Programming

PR/Social Media

Market Research


Management Supervision






Printing of all kinds






Specialty Items






Trade Show Exhibits and Displays




Web Hosting


Surveys and Focus Groups


Direct Mail Services and Postage


Out of Pocket Expenses

At Cost


Third-Party Quotes
Charges for these services fall under the “Production Coordination” category of rates at $85 per hour.

Third-Party Expenses
We charge reimbursable third-party expenses at cost-plus 15 percent of gross charges per the industry standard.

Unnamed Expenses
BQR charges a $20 processing fee charged per job to cover accounting, bookkeeping and administrative costs.

BQR stands by the rate structure in our contracts and will not charge any rates higher than those indicated. Our ongoing contracts typically include an annual fee escalation clause, however.

Retainer Option
BQR is open to charging a retainer or retainer against billable hours. In general, BQR’s billing structure is flexible, depending on practicality and the needs of clients.

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Gilbreath Communications, Inc.

Gilbreath Communications, Inc. is an award-winning, marketing communications, advertising, graphic design and digital agency. We have designed marketing and communications solutions that have helped launch and transform brands, grow businesses and engage audiences throughout the United States. A privately owned organization, Gilbreath is comprised of individuals with expertise across a wide range of vertical markets and disciplines from both the advertising industry and the client side. The agency is not a subsidiary and does not have any subsidiaries.

The 26-year-old agency remains committed to redefining how brands and businesses connect with consumers throughout the entire customer journey. Gilbreath Communications, Inc. is certified as a HUB, MBE, WBE, DBE, ACDBE and WOSB by the City of Houston, State of Texas, Department of Transportation, WBENC, NMSDC, SBA, METRO, Port of Houston Authority, and SCTRA. While Gilbreath alone does constitute 100 percent HUB/DBE participation of any contract award, we currently work with other HUB/DBE firms on most of our existing government contracts.

As an integrated firm we are proposing to offer services in the following categories:

Marketing/Advertising Services

Public Relations & Promotional Services
Creative Process Services
Event Planning Services







Integrated Marketing

Brand Development

Integrated Communications Plans

Digital Marketing

Brand Identity

Media Relations

Cause Marketing

Brand Standards

Internal Communications

Experiential Marketing

Creative Strategy

Employee Communications

Direct Marketing

Campaign Development

Diversity & Inclusion Communications

Multicultural & Niche Marketing

Print, Broadcast, DRTV, PSAs,

Corporate Relations Strategy

Social Media Marketing & Activation

Collateral, Outdoor, Direct Mail,

Earned Media

Community Outreach Programs

Internet, Transit, Theater


Conference & Event Planning*



Product Placement

Graphic Design

Media Press Kits


Annual Reports, Brochures,

Press Releases


Invitations, Newsletters, POS

Public Relations Campaigns


Materials, Posters, Signage

Press Conference Coordination


Trade Show Design

Media Training


Packaging Design

Crisis Management*

Lead Generation*


Editorial Writing/Editing

Digital Programming

Web & E-Commerce Design

Talking Points

Website Development & Maintenance

Multimedia Design*


Mobile Development*

Digital Advertising


CMS Platforms*

App Development*


E-Commerce Platforms*

Ad Concept & Creation


CRM Platforms*

Ad Production

Strategic Planning

Social Media Campaigns

Print Production

Consumer and Market Research*

Mobile Campaigns

Broadcast Production*

Market Segmentation

Email Campaigns

Video Production*

Focus Groups*



Customer Journey Mapping


Brand Strategy


Brand Audit


Brand Planning


Positioning Strategy


Competitive Analysis


Sales & Marketing Strategy


Digital Strategy


E-Commerce Strategy


Social Media Strategy & Management


Mobile Strategy


Content Strategy


Channel & Communications Planning


Media Strategy


Media Planning


Media Buying & Negotiation



* Gilbreath may utilize outside vendors or subcontractors to perform these services depending on project parameters. All other services are performed in-house.



Job Title/Classification

Agency Principal

Management Supervisor

Public Relations Management

Creative Director

Project Management

Account Executive

Account Coordinator


Event Planner

Event Coordinator

Media Planner/Buyer

Research (Primary)

Research (Secondary)

Senior Graphic Designer

Concept Development



Art/Photo Direction

Web Design

Web Programming


Copywriting Revisions


Press Checks


Production Revisions

Production (minimum charge)

Video Art Direction

Video Show Production

Audio Production

Video Producer Services

Event planning and management services are custom to each client and their designated event or program and will need to be estimated at time of service. We will collaborate with your internal staff, as needed, to develop and deliver the most efficient and successful events.

Other Direct Costs
Gilbreath Communications Inc. may require services and products (other than labor hours) to complete a project. Items may include but not be limited to: exhibit graphics and hardware, offset printing, digital printing, mail processing, professional photography, stock photography, radio and television broadcast production and distribution, video production, custom illustration or animation, 3D modeling, research, list databases, media costs, custom web development, web hosting, promotional items, deliveries.

These items will be individually quoted based on project needs and will follow the billing procedures stated below.

Third-Party Quotes
As a courtesy to our clients Gilbreath Communications, Inc. doesn’t charge for the service of securing third-party quotes. We consider this to be an elemental part of the services we supply our clients. Gilbreath’s standard practice when selecting third-party commodity products/services is to secure bids from three separate vendors. The parameters of some projects may warrant that vendors be selected on specific capabilities, not strictly cost.

Third-Party Expenses
Gilbreath Communications, Inc. follows the standard industry practice for mark-ups on third-party expenses. All expenses, including media are billed to clients at gross rates, reflecting a 15 percent commission paid to the agency. The commission is used to offset costs of securing outside products/services. Commissions are negotiable when the associated staff time is compensated at an hourly rate or under a fee arrangement.

Unnamed Expenses
While most customary expenses related to Gilbreath’s services has been addressed above, the cost for any unforeseen expenses will be charged in a manner that is agreeable to both agency and client. Such costs may include an unforeseeable increase in the cost of raw materials, which would be charged to the client. Additionally, projects that require an abbreviated schedule (interrupting work on other projects) will incur rush charges of at least 30 percent.

Retainer Option
Gilbreath Communications, Inc. is open to working on a retainer or time-based contract provided the engagement has at least a three-month minimum.

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Steel Digital Studios, Inc. dba Steel Branding

Texas-based HUB Steel Branding was founded in 2000 and offers our clients marketing, advertising, web development, creative and public relations services with a history of helping government agencies reach their goals.

At Steel Branding, we genuinely enjoy working with clients and, more importantly, our clients enjoy working with us. We act as the extension of your in-house team, and while we have a well-developed process, we customize it to best fit your needs. We are collaborative, transparent, and honest.

At Steel, we pride ourselves on being a nimble agency that readily adapts to new challenges, as well as a sturdy partner clients can lean on.

Steel Branding is a full-service firm with the capability and experience to provide marketing, advertising, public relations, and creative services. Our in-house staff provides all of these services with a full understanding of branding so that your message stays consistent throughout all communications.

Steel Branding offers the following services:

Marketing & Advertising
Public Relations




Job Title


Strategic Planning


Account Management

Account Director/Account Supervisor/Account Executive/Account Coordinator

Market Research

Strategist/Account Director/Account Supervisor/Account Executive/Account Coordinator


Strategist/Creative Director/Writer


Strategist/Creative Director

Creative Direction

Creative Director

Graphic Design

Art Director/Designer


Creative Producer


Creative Producer



Art Direction

Art Director/Designer


Creative Director/Art Director/Designer

Copy Writing




Direct Marketing Programs

Strategist/Account Director/Account Supervisor/Account Executive/Account Coordinator

Media Planning

Media Planner

Media Buying

Media Buyer

Search Engine Optimization

Interactive Producer

Web Design

Designer/Interactive Producer

Web Programming

Interactive Producer

Social Media Strategy

Interactive Director/Interactive Producer/Interactive Coordinator

Social Media Execution

Interactive Producer/Interactive Coordinator

Media Relations

VP of Public Relations/Media Relations Specialist/PR Coordinator

Community Relations

VP of Public Relations/Media Relations Specialist/PR Coordinator

Editorial Writing

VP of Public Relations/Writer/PR Coordinator

Media Outreach

VP of Public Relations/Media Relations Specialist/PR Coordinator

Other Direct Cost
All hard costs such as printing, exhibits, stock photography etc. will be charged to the client at cost plus a 20% mark up.

Third Party Quotations
Steel does not charge additional charges for securing or analyzing third party quotations.

Reimbursable Charges
Reimbursable expenses are charged to client at cost with no mark up (i.e. shipping, travel, copies).

Unnamed Expenses
For anything not covered above, Steel will provide the client with an estimate that has a scope of work and corresponding rate for approval.

Retainer Option
Steel Branding will accept a purchase order to secure work as stated in tab A, section 2. However, if client prefers retainer or time based agreement the following are our standard terms:
- For time based agreements: actual time spent is billed once a month for the prior months’ work, payment terms are net 30.
- For retainer agreements: retainers are billed once a month, payment terms are net 30, an hours allocation for the months’ work is approved prior to starting, an hours reconciliation for the month is sent after time is spent.

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