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Traffic Control, Enforcement & Signal Preemption Equipment- PE05-17

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Contract No.: PE05-17

Effective Date: May 1, 2017 thru Apr 30, 2019

A wide variety of Traffic Control, Enforcement & Signal Preemption Equipment is available thru the H-GAC Cooperative Purchasing Program. Please contact the appropriate supplier to discuss your needs, and to obtain a price quotation based on the H-GAC contract.

American Signal Company American Signal Company manufactured portable and truck mounted changeable character matrix message signs, portable radar speed and mast trailers.
American Traffic Solutions Red Light Safety Camera Systems, Speed Enforcement, and School Bus Stop Arm photo enforcement. Offerings include purchase of equipment and installation to full turnkey programs including equipment, installation, back office processing service, collections and adjudication.  Programs include multiple service and pricing options. 
Electrotechnics Corporation  Eltec is a manufacturer of time clocks/time switches, two-way paging time clocks, and network based programmable time clock, the System 3000. Manufacturer of traffic & monitoring systems such as flashing school zones; 24 hour flashing beacons; over height truck detection & warning; emergency vehicle caution; work zone safety, high water detection and warning and Pedestrian Crossing systems.
Global Traffic Technologies, LLC
Consolidated Traffic Controls, Inc.
GTT offers the IR and the GPS version of the Traffic Preemption equipment. It can be used for Traffic Signal Preemption or as a Fire Station Warning System.
M. H. Corbin, Inc.
Consolidated Traffic Controls, Inc.
M. H. Corbin manufacturers the NC200 and the NC300 traffic analyzers, used for traffic studies providing a wide variety of information in a detailed report.
McCain Inc.
Consolidated Traffic Controls, Inc.
McCain manufacturers Traffic signal heads in Poly and Aluminum used in conjunction with traffic signal preemption equipment. McCain also manufacturers the ATC 1000 Traffic Controller.
MoboTrex, Inc. MoboTrex offers the MS SEDCO Radar Detection Systems
Peek Traffic Corporation
Video Trak IQ displays on-site traffic scenes with visual verification of proper zone placement and proper vehicle detection. It's a multi-channel traffic monitoring system. Peek also manufactures the 3000E, OSAM Master, 2070 and the 1070 Traffic Controllers. The ADR and ADR Jr. are used for traffic counting and /or traffic analyzing. Also available with solar powered option.
Polara Engineering, Inc.
Consolidated Traffic Controls, Inc.
Polara Engineering manufacturers the Bulldog push-button and the Navigator Audible Pedestrian Signal Assembly.
RTC Manufacturing Inc.
Consolidated Traffic Controls, Inc.
RTC Manufacturing supplies various equipment for solar school flashers, 24 hr. flashers and roadside flashing beacon assemblies as well the flash cube, which is a self-contained pole top flashing unit.
Southern Manufacturing Consolidated Traffic Controls, Inc. Southern MFG offers the Clean Profile , Standard LED , Thin LED , Classic LED and Fluorescent Illuminated street signs all available with retro reflective films. Southern Manufacturing also offers several types of ITS Cabinets and Enclosures for use in Data Collection and Vehicle Detection.
Twincrest Technologies Product offerings include radar vehicle detection equipment used for detecting vehicles at both intersections and mid-block locations. The information the radar vehicle detector collects can be relayed to traffic control centers or intersections for real-time use in signal control or post-processing data storage. Wireless based communicating systems for transmission of data collected by vehicle detection systems, traffic controllers or video systems. Bluetooth based vehicle detection systems and video systems for the surveillance of traffic flow to be transmitted to traffic management centers.
UR International, Inc. Towed Vehicle Management System is a web based system available to be deployed within an agency or offered on the cloud that offers an agency to dispatch for tows, manage tows and inventory at its tow lot, perform all required functions and transactions for the impound lot to manage all types of tows within an agency.  The system provides an agency to schedule and conduct auctions to dispose abandoned and other vehicle.  The collaborative tool allows an agency to work with tow companies in managing their invoices while allowing citizens to search for their towed vehicle.

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