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Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery

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All Hazards Preparedness, Planning, Consulting & Recovery Services - HP10-17

Contract No.: HP10-17

Effective Date: November 01, 2017 thru July 31, 2020

Disaster Recovery & Risk Solutions, LLC

Services Included:

Marketing and Coordination of Preparedness, Planning, Consulting and Recovery Services (Disaster Recovery & Risk Solutions, LLC)

Disaster Recovery & Risk Solutions, LLC (DRRS) is the coordination and marketing house for our vendor partners.  DRRS provides strategic marketing for our vendor partners and the HGACBuy program through our targeted and phased approach.  Additionally, we provide streamlined access to end-user bid requests and consolidated quarterly reporting information to ensure quick and efficient access to necessary information.

Disaster Restoration and Construction Services (Cotton Commercial USA, Inc.)

Cotton Commercial USA, Inc. is one of the world’s most experienced full service disaster recovery and restoration firms.  Cotton stands at the forefront of major disasters, providing around-the-clock service backed by cutting-edge technology, highly skilled personnel, and years of operational experience to assist HGAC members as quickly as possible in recovery efforts.

Forensic Advisory and Construction Consulting Services (Marsh USA, Inc.)

Marsh Risk Consulting’s Claims and Financial Advisory Services teams use specialized expertise in risk and loss identification, analysis, reduction, and claim management to strengthen your casualty programs and minimize impacts ahead of or following a business disruptive event.

Preparedness and Planning Services (Disaster Recovery Services, LLC)

Disaster Recovery Services, LLC (DRS) provides access to a broad range of risk preparedness and claims recovery services.  From P4D, a 4-dimensional approach to disaster recovery planning, to our forensic and claims accounting services, to assistance with project management, and FEMA consulting, DRS has the skillset and relationships that HGAC members need to be prepared for and recover from a catastrophic event.


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