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Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery

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All Hazards Preparedness, Planning, Consulting & Recovery Services - HP08-17

Contract No.: HP08-17

Effective Date: August 1, 2017 thru July 31, 2020

Solix, Inc.

Services Included:

Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Response and Recovery

Planning and operationalizing federal/funded subsidy programs in support of emergency response and disaster recovery efforts. Services/solutions include development of program implementation planning guides; and implementation of proven methodologies to optimize efficiencies and time to award grant while minimizing waste, fraud and abuse.

Case management including, but not limited to application intake, eligibility review, insurance verification, verification/coordination of benefits to prevent duplication; file closeout, and reporting; and Quality Assurance.

Resiliency Planning

Identification of opportunities to reduce barriers to achieving resilience within communities - buildings, infrastructure and social systems. Identification of policy and standards-related gaps and impediments to community resilience/pre-disaster planning and raising awareness thereof. Support the development of current and future community resilience guidance documents (including the NIST Community Resilience Planning Guide for Buildings and Infrastructure Systems and Implementation Guidelines).

Continuity of Operations

Provide CDBG-DR expert advisory services and HUD compliance technical expertise during implementation of continuity of operations plans in specific communities. Provide operational support including, but not limited to, document/file management, call center/outreach support and local backup, program administration, and other emergency funding advisory services (human services as opposed to infrastructure).

Expert Policy and Regulatory Consulting Services

(a) Provide on-call expert advisory services and analysis regarding the applicability of federal regulations for funded activities;

(b) Identify and advise clients on potential program and project compliance risks and issues, and develop mitigation strategies;

(c) Work with clients to prepare written reports and analysis and contribute to a broad range of policy documents, action plans, and other materials regarding the assessment and implementation of programs and projects; and

(d) Provide strategy support to help clients achieve national objectives and meet eligibility requirements.

Information, Research and Financial Analysis

(a) Conduct specific research and analyses on federally funded projects and programs, including financial and operational analyses;

(b) Perform analysis and prepare studies to assist clients in assessing the impact of their projects and programs; and

(c) Assist clients in conducting project budget and cost analyses and developing cost containment strategies and recommendations.

Project Management Support

(a) Support clients in the oversight and coordination of program and construction management, across a variety of projects to ensure that they are implemented efficiently, cost-effectively, and in compliance with all governing regulations;

(b) Support client's staff in setting priorities, identifying internal and external resources, creating decision-frameworks and analyses that enable sound, policy-based, financial and operational decisions;

(c) Directly develop (and/or work with various internal and external stakeholders and vendors to prepare) project and program work plans, schedules, deliverables and budgets;

(d) Work with clients to implement project plans, including coordinating a variety of internal and external stakeholders, other agencies and vendors; and

(e) Provide operational and logistical support as needed to implement projects and programs.

Other Support Services

(a) Serve as a client liaison and support coordination of a variety of stakeholders across client funded projects and programs; and

(b) Provide technical assistance and training of client staff on topics including compliance, contract management, and information security.


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