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Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery

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All Hazards Preparedness, Planning, Consulting & Recovery Services - HP08-17

Contract No.: HP08-17

Effective Date: August 1, 2017 thru July 31, 2020

GMC Consultants, LLC

Services Included:

Hazard Mitigation Planning

This process includes hazard identification and risk assessment leading to the development of a comprehensive mitigation strategy for reducing risks to life and property.

Coordination with Agency

With each disaster recovery stage it is imperative that a vendor implement coordination plans with FEMA, HUD, FHWA, FTA, USACE and other stakeholder agencies early enough to accommodate for the changes that occur within a program.

Project and

Our proposed implementation of the construction management process will illustrate our ability to bring knowledgeable and experienced construction engineering professionals to assist and support the contractor’s in completing projects on time and within budget.

Project Assessment and

This process is essential in determining what happened, what the effects are, which areas were hardest hit, what situations must be given priority and what types of assistance are needed. Response can be more effective, equipment and personnel can be better used, and help/recovery can be provided quicker if a thorough damage assessment is performed.

Disaster Cycle Key Activities(Public and Individual Assistance)

The GMC team has been developed to provide general program management expert advice on a wide variety of issues impacting public agencies, funding shortfalls and potential funding mechanisms to bridge gaps, provide disaster mitigation, and maximize response and recovery efforts to include infrastructure and housing to help make the community more resilient and to assist them to quickly overcome adverse conditions after an event. GMC and Team has taken a “toolbox” approach to staffing this engagement.

Funding/Assistance with
Closeout and Audit Support

Obtaining optimum results out of allotted public
Funds. Monitoring, reconciling, and tracking project payments against work that has been completed. A financial report will be developed to assist with
monitoring the financial status of the projects that are undertaken. Working to reduce the time required to close out the project, thus maximizing funding and meeting audit requirements.

Assistance via
Project Management and

This team can set up offices on site and use local forms (or develop our own), to perform client intake, qualifying assessments, project implementation, funding draw requests (to be submitted by the client), and record keeping. We also have the capacity to develop and administer programs compliant with federal funding guidelines to address special needs such as housing development, housing redevelopment, housing rehabilitation, land and property acquisition, relocation services, street and drainage redevelopment and, relocation or enhancement services.


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