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Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery

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All Hazards Preparedness, Planning, Consulting & Recovery Services - HP08-17

Contract No.: HP08-17

Effective Date: August 1, 2017 thru July 31, 2020

Aptim Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc.

Labor Category


Sr. Planner

GIS Technician

Sr. GIS Technician

Program Manager

Project Manager

Deputy Program Manager

Deputy Project Manager

Exercise Coordinator

Sr. Exercise Coordinator

Hazard Mitigation Specialist

Sr. Hazard Mitigation Specialist

Public Assistance Specialist

Sr. Public Assistance Specialist

Benefit-Cost Analyst

Sr. Benefit-Cost Analyst

Insurance Specialist

Sr. Insurance Specialist

Procurement Specialist

Sr. Procurement Specialist

Health & Safety Specialist

Sr. Health & Safety Specialist

QA/QC Specialist

Sr. QA/AC Specialist

Data Analyst

Sr. Data Analyst

Grants Manager

Sr. Grants Manager

HMGP Specialist

Sr. HMGP Specialist

CDBG-DR Specialist

Sr. CDBG-DR Specialist


Sr. Inspector


Sr. Administrative

Technical Writer

Sr. Technical Writer

Construction Manager

Sr. Construction Manager

Financial Analyst

Sr. Financial Analyst

Database Administrator

Sr. Database Administrator


Sr. Estimator

Historic Preservation Advisor

Sr. Historic Preservation Advisor

Project Controls Specialist

Sr. Project Controls Specialist

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