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RescueNet Billing is seamlessly integrated with RescueNet Dispatch and provides the ability to quickly and efficiently generate claims and bills for completed transports, submitting them to Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance electronically or via paper invoice when needed. Trips and claims are organized via the Workflow module, and the submission process automated and customized through the creation of Schedules and Events. This allows billing users to easily manage large volumes of claims, only touching a claim when it reaches a certain event within a schedule and with the system serving up the proper claims at the proper times. The utilization of partner clearinghouses is fully supported, and a complete reporting package and accounting period closing process provides accurate financials for the agency. With the addition of BillingPro powered by AR Boost, the system can be enhanced to provide demographic verification and discovery, insurance verification and discovery, address verification, and a propensity to pay score allowing billers to ensure valid information on the front end through single, integrated portal ensuring claims are accurate the first time they go out. RescueNet Dispatch is a Computer Aided Dispatch system designed specifically for the needs of the EMS industry, serving both private and public agencies. This CAD system allows for the capture of patient demographics, insurance information, and other patient-specific data through the Call Taking module and then allows users to schedule single or recurring transports within the system. Using the dispatch modules, these transports are then managed and assigned to ambulances, wheelchair vans, fixed wing aircraft, and other vehicle types based on service level or proximity-based unit recommendations and the response times and metrics for each transport are tracked electronically. With integrated and online mapping provided by TomTom and Google Maps, dispatchers can visualize the response area and incidents within it to aid in decision-making and timely responses. The system supports both emergency\911 transports as well as pre-scheduled facility transports. A full reporting and analytics package is provided with the system, as well as many optional modules such as Trip Scheduling, System Status Management, AVL, Paging and Notifications, and an online facility ordering portal. RescueNet Dispatch is fully integrated with the other RescueNet and ZOLL products described through this document. RescueNet products are offered as an on-premise or ZOLL Hosted solution. RescueNet Dispatch Pro is an enhancement available for RescueNet Dispatch, incorporating components of the BCS MARVLIS system into the RescueNet platform. These include the Visual System Status components, comprised of the Demand Monitor, Deployment Monitor, Impedance Monitor, and Deployment Planner. This system analyzes historical data to predict when and where the next incident will occur, and tools to ensure ambulance coverage of these areas on a visual map. The CADGIS component of the system enhances the RescueNet Dispatch workstation to display the incident “hot spots” on the workstation map and allow for routed distances and street closures to be incorporated in the unit recommendation tools. RescueNet FireRMS is a complete fire reporting and station management solution available as an on-premise installation or can be hosted by ZOLL for access via the web. RescueNet FireRMS is designed to manage all of the record management and operational requirements of a fire department. FireRMS handles NFIRS incident reporting, as well as the management of operational aspects of the fire service using an intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface. FireRMS Enterprise easily interfaces to RescueNet ePCR, Telestaff Personnel Management Software from PDSI, APEX Sketch (Medina and Nexus) from APEX, FireView Geospatial Analytical Software from the Omega Group, as well as more than 40 different CAD 911 vendors. Additional modules available in RescueNet FireRMS include FireRMS Mobile for utilization in a disconnected state, Personnel, Roster, Training, Credentials, Occupancies, Hydrants, Vehicles, Daybook, Messaging, and Reporting. Integrated applications that can be utilized with FireRMS include Maintenance and Work Orders, and Supplies and Inventory. FireRMS was also designed to be highly customizable, providing agencies the ability to create User Defined tabs and fields that can be created to capture and track additional data above and beyond the already robust functionality included with the system. RescueNet FireRMS also integrates with RescueNet ePCR, allowing a single CAD feed to populate both systems and for completed PCRs to create NFIRS incidents automatically for reporting compliance. RescueNet ePCR is a patient care reporting solution that integrates with RescueNet Dispatch and Billing, as well as ZOLL Billing. The Windows-based platform is the most customizable solution in the market today, allowing agencies a high degree of configuration and adaptation to their specific needs. The primary documentation tool, TabletPCR, runs on a touchscreen Windows device such as a Toughbook or SurfacePro and can operate completely offline when no connectivity is available. Bringing in incident and patient information automatically from RescueNet Dispatch or other 3rd party CAD systems, required incident and response data is automatically populated for the end user, saving valuable data entry time and ensuring accurate and complete patient care records. With complete control over button labels, data fields, picklists, and validation rules, agencies can ensure their PCR system supports their current and future needs without costly development work or coding time. The Workflow QA\QI module provides a powerful engine for reviewing and categorizing PCRs, allowing them to be redirected back to the medic or another reviewer for corrections or other actions as needed. A complete reporting and analytic package ensures that the clinical and patient data collected in the field can be easily accessed to improve operations, patient outcomes, and other agency measures. Submissions of NEMSIS data to the state is automated and supported for all versions of NEMSIS now and in the future. RescueNet Navigator is an optional component of RescueNet Dispatch which provides Windows-based MDT functionality and bidirectional communications between crew and RescueNet Dispatch. Trip assignments are sent down to the mobile Windows device, turn-by-turn directions and mapping is provided by Bing Maps, and crews can initiate their own status updates and timestamps for their response with the push of a button. Chat messaging, AVL tracking and turn-by-turn directions are also provided with the system. ZOLL Billing is a next generation, cloud-based billing solution accessed through a browser and ZOLL Online. With built-in integration and partnership with the Waystar clearinghouse, billing claims are quickly generated and worked within browser-based application, then automatically sent to Waystar for submission to Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance. This removes the need to printing invoices, created electronic batch files, stuffing envelopes, or mailing out 1500 forms. Electronic remittances are provided back into ZOLL Billing for automated payment posting and crediting, and the claim is then submitted through the same process to Waystar and the next appropriate payor. Patient statements, facility invoices, and collections are all managed through the secure, online platform and accounting periods are updated in real time as billing activities are completed. With the power of AR Boost integrated in the solution, ZOLL Billing includes the ability to verify and discover patient demographics, validate insurance and eligibility, discover insurance for patients, and assign a propensity to pay score for self-pay patients. With the integrated NEMSIS-based API, billing claims can be automatically created from the ePCR NEMSIS files or web services, eliminating the majority of data entry required to create a patient record or claim. With a complete reporting and analytics package, financials can be accessed online at any time. Packaged Services, powered by AR Boost, is a web portal that provides billers a single tool that includes the ability to verify and discover patient demographics, validate insurance and eligibility, discover insurance for patients, and assign a propensity to pay score for self-pay patients. Packaged Services can be used as a stand-alone web portal, or integrated directly into a non-ZOLL billing system such as Central Square\Tritech or ESO. emsCharts ePCR is ZOLL’s next generation, cloud-based ePCR solution accessed via ZOLL Online and a browser, providing a complete online ePCR system requiring no local installation or infrastructure. A proven solution that provides many additional modules for training, continuing education, supplies tracking, rostering, and custom special reports, emsCharts is the complete solution for EMS and Fire patient care reporting. Highly customizable and able to support everything from BLS to CCT, emsCharts is a cloud-based solution that still provides agencies the ability to customize picklists, validation rules, QA\QI levels, and other system configurations ensuring the solution can grow and adapt to changing agency requirements. While primarily an online application, emsCharts also has a Mobile application for Windows and a Tablet app for iOS and Android, providing offline charting options when connectivity is not available. A rich reporting and analytics platform which supports ad hoc report building and dashboard creation provides agencies the ability to mine and analyze their clinical and patient data to optimize operations and improve clinical outcomes. The ability to integrate with RescueNet Dispatch or 3rd party CAD systems to import incident and patient data for auto-population in the PCR saves time and improves accuracy of the PCR. Automatic NEMSIS data submission to the state or ZOLL’s Billing solutions ensures the data can be utilized wherever and whenever needed, and complete support for facility faxing or online access ensures compliance with hospitals and partner entities. ZOLL Data Systems, Inc: - Multiplie Software Offerings Including: RescueNet Dispatch & CommCAD - Integrated Advanced Paging Solutions, MDT Navigation & Vehicle Tracking - On Screen Emergent Alert Notifications, mobile device & web-based emergency response visibility, ePCR & Fire Records - Integrated Notifications from CAD, Insight Analytics - Operational & Clinical web-based Analytical Dashboards ZOLL Data Systems, Inc: Professional Services - EMS Compliance Consulting, Accounts Recivable EMS Billing Consulting, IT Onsite Assistance, Onsite Software Training, Software Implementation, Software Administration, and Emergency Vehicle Driver Safety Training


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