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SmartCOP is not proposing any type of 911 equipment.SmartCOP 's Computer Aided Dispatch (SmartCAD) provides comprehensive tracking of all calls for law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical units, as well as the status of assigned and unassigned officers. Calls are color-coded to reflect priority level and status. Updates post instantly and are available to all users. Changes are event-driven, meaning users do not have to refresh the data or request an update. SmartCAD accommodates multiple agency jurisdictions through a unique report numbering system. SmartCAD is simple to use, and the E911 feed, address verification, and pre-set complaint types result in fast, accurate data entry. All incident and unit information is captured and stored in a call history archive for reporting and reference. The built-in interfaces to SmartCOP's records management system and mobile computers facilitate reporting, dispatching, and booking. SmartCAD features configurable transaction logging. CAD logging is done through event-driven transactions on the database and not performed through the client application reducint the amount of processing time and network traffic required by the client application. Transactional logging records all changes down to the field level providing an audit trail of actual call data changes, including previous field data. SmartCAD leverages the power of Microsoft Windows to allow unlimited call windows to be viewed on any single workstation. Advanced locking algorithms prevent users from overwriting each other's changes or additions. Multiple monitors may be used with window positions remembered and controlled by the application. SmartCOP's core records management system (SmartRMS) provides agencies with a robust and powerful tool to efficiently record, index, store, and track information, documents, and files pertaining to law enforcement operations. SmartRMS streamlines records and reporting opertions to provide complete accuracy and compliance with state and federal reporting operations to provide complete accuracy and compliance with state and federal reporting standards. Records are centralized for people, property, places, and related information in a single database enabling law enforcement agencies to efficiently manage and track the volume of information received daily. The RMS robust reporting modules include: Master Indexes for persons, business, vehicle, vessel; Case Management, Incident/Offense reporting; Use of Force; Vehicle Pursuits; Arrest/Charge reporting; Wants & Warrants; Field Intel; Trespass Warnings; Pawn; Local & State Citations; Vehicle & Vessel Tow; Consent to Search; Citizen Assist; Crash Reports (vehicle & vessel); Civil Process Management; Permit Registration; Evidence Management System and Subpoena Log. SmartCOP's mobile computing system is designed specifically to improve public safety and productivity by breaking down long and complex processes into easy-to-use solutions. Officers can focus on their patrol and not on paperwork. SmartMOBILE integrates a flexible mobile computing (MCT), field-based reporting (FBR), and message switch into an easy-to-use package. It features wireless-enabled technology and secure encrypted communications to NCIC, CAD, and reports. SmartMCT improves safety and efficiency by providing live CAD display, silent self-dispatching capabilities, integrated mapping and AVL, mobile messaging / real-time chat, drivers' license scanning, NCIC, queries and return pasting to CAD and RMS, image returns from NCIC and RMS, and state and local searches. It is fully and seamlessly integrated to SmartCAD and SmartRMS and includes built-in two-factor authentication. Also included is motion lock capability and an officer in trouble quick key. The SmartMOBILE applications are configured separately for law enforcement, fire, and EMS vehicle applicaions and available for laptop, tablet, and rugged computers. They can operate on any available IP-based private radio system, cellular carrier subscription system, or wi-fi network technology, in any combination.SmartCOP's jail management system, SmartJAIL tracks and manages all aspects of an inmate's incarceration period. With automated features and complete integration to SmartRMS, corrections officers have instant access to the detailed history of an offender, allowing them to make informed decisions for a safe and secure environment. SmartJAIL is scalable to fit jails of of all sizes, SmartJAIL, a Microsoft Windows-based solution meets National Accreditation Standards and includes the following modules: Booking, Incidents, Jail Log, Visitation, Move, Inmate Tracking, Medical, Search, Work Release, and Reporting. SmartJAIL interfaces with VINE (Victim Information & Notification Everyday); Livescan/AFIS vendors, commissary vendors; inmate telephone systems; video visitation, and courts. SmartJAIL includes integrated mugshot capture,biometric identification support, objective classification system, state and federal reporting, extensive search capabilities, sentence tracking/automatic gain time adjustments, medical tracking, visitation and visitor tracking, court/movement scheduling, electronic signature capture and fingerprint scan on booking and release.SmartCOP's administrative management system (SmartADMIN), is a family of applications that enable centralized configuration, access management, and recordkeeping for the most common administrative support functions. SmartADMIN consists of applications for managing all system users and their permissions and to perform core configuration of the system with applications for Master Configuration, Charge Configuration, and Employee Master Personnel Files. Easily manage all agency employees and users of the system, defining the functions and features they can access. Security and persmissions are highly granular, allowing you to determine whether a user can access a specific module and control their ability to view, add, edit, approve, delete, or print records. Passwords are CJIS-complaint. Emploeye records are linked to security profiles to ensure proper security and auditing. Officer details recorded in the Employee Master File are automatically pulled to reports. Other modules available to perform administrative functions include Fleet Management, Issued Property Management, and Training. Easily capture funding, warranty, useful life and disposition data for agency property. Track training and certifications for all agency employees with the Training module.SmartCOP's internet-based public access portal, SmartWEB provides the public with instant web access to live records: CAD call for service / police blotter, wants and warrants, jail bookings, and inmate information. The SmartWEB incident reporting module is a public portal to report non-emergency crime to the agency. The agency configures the crime types that citizens are allowed to report. SmartWEB integrates into your existing website. SmartCOP provides personnel of all levels in an agency with numerous methods to view and analyze data captured in our system. SmartDATA is an intuitive data analytics and extraction package for use by agency supervisors, analysts, and command staff to provide instant access to data from CAD and RMS. Data can be represented in a grid, pie charts, graphs, and multi-layer maps. The mapping engine supports OpenStreetMap, Microsoft Bing Maps, and ESRI maps. Data can be printed, exported (.xls, .xlsx, .csv, .txt, html, or .xml) and mapped. SmartREPORTS is a repository with hundreds of Crystal Reports that retrieve data from all SmartCOP software products. Custom Crystal Reports may be created and added to SmartREPORTS. Reports may be scheduled to run at pre-determined frequency and automatically sent to agency members. Local and network printers are supported.


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