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Public Safety GIS Software Applications GeoComm develops software products for quickly accessing needed GIS data, viewing map data, and editing regional data sets efficiently. GeoComm has been at the forefront of integrating GIS into other public safety systems for years – it is what we do. The products we offer are considered “best of breed” in the public safety industry and integrate with key systems, such as Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) or Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems. Our products include: • GeoComm Dispatch Map Tactical PSAP Mapping • GeoLynx Mobile Tactical Responder Mapping o GeoLynx Mobile MDC Edition o GeoLynx Mobile Server Edition • Enterprise Public Safety GIS Data Management o GeoComm Maintainer for Desktop Data Management o NG9-1-1 GIS Provisioning o GeoComm GIS Data Hub for GIS data validation, aggregation, and provisioning • GeoComm ECRF and LVF for Emergency Call Routing Function and Location Validation Function respectivelyGIS Services: We provide all-inclusive GIS services tailored to implementing GIS data in E9-1-1 and NG9-1-1 environments including: • GIS data synchronization analysis • GIS map data development and enhancements o GPS field collection and verification o Road centerline o Address points o Emergency service area boundaries o Community boundaries • GIS map data maintenance • NG9-1-1 Quality Control and on-going provisioning services • MSAG and ALI database development We specialize in GIS public safety services for all levels of public safety agencies, including: • Maintenance Workflow • NG9-1-1 Data Report Card • NG9-1-1 transition management • Project Management • Wireless 9-1-1 Services


Geo-Comm, Inc.

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EC07-20 9-1-1 Equipment & Emergency Notification Software & Services

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Communications Equipment & Services

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