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Solacom Technologies, Inc: Guardian Call-Handling Solution; broad category, includes: * Guardian Next Generation ANI/ALI Controller (”Guardian”) * Emergency Services Routing Proxy with Legacy Network Gateway (ESRP/LNG) * Emergency Gateway (”EG”) * Fault Tolerant Application Servers * Guardian Intelligent Workstation (call taker workstation) * Guardian Mobile (portable call taker workstation) * Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) ancillaries required to provide the full solutionSolacom Technologies, Inc: Guardian Call-Handling Solution; broad category, includes: * Emergency Services Routing Proxy and Legacy Network Gateway Application Software (per port) * Policy Routing Function Application (PRF) Software (per port) * Legacy Location Information Server (”LLIS”) Application Software (per port) * Guardian ANI/ALI Controller Application Software * Guardian Operator Position License and Software * Guardian Mapping/Call Handling Position License and Software * SMS Text-to-911 and Outbound SMS Text-from-911 * 3rd Party Vendor Software, for example: Microsoft Windows for Guardian Positions


Frontier Communications of America, Inc.

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EC07-20 9-1-1 Equipment & Emergency Notification Software & Services

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Communications Equipment & Services

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call handling, routing proxy, guardian,

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