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Xybix sells to mostly government 911 agencies. We have a dedicated website for that market, along with social and emailed news letters. Xybix perticipates in 75 911 related tradeshows every year to market and promote Xybix. At the tradeshows we have a list of HGAC members so we can check each lead and let them know if they are on HGAC or not. The post show follow up includes a link to the HGAC sign up.


ErgoFlex Systems, Inc

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EC07-20 9-1-1 Equipment & Emergency Notification Software & Services

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Communications Equipment & Services

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ErgoFlex Systems, Inc. dba Xybix Systems, Inc

Kenneth Carson
[email protected]
Phone: 303-683-5656
Fax: 303-683-5454

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Veronica Johnson

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