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• 911 Datamaster, Inc: DataBond®. Automatic Location Information (ALI), Location Database (LDB), Database Management System (DBMS), and daily service order processing. • 911 Datamaster, Inc: DataNexus®. Location Validation Function / Emergency Call Routing Function. • 911 Datamaster, Inc: SpatialCentral®. Spatial Interface / master GIS database and GIS QA. • 911 Datamaster, Inc: SpatialStation®. GIS QA software • 911 Datamaster, Inc.: GIS professional services specific to 9-1-1 geodetic data. • 911 Datamaster, Inc.: ALI/LDB professional services specific to location database management.


911 Datamaster, Inc.

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EC07-20 9-1-1 Equipment & Emergency Notification Software & Services

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Communications Equipment & Services

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DataBond, DataNexus, SpatialCentral

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911 Datamaster, Inc

Jim Shepard
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Phone: 512-656-7713

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Veronica Johnson

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