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Seagrave Marauder II Custom 4-door Full Tilt Stainless Steel Cab and Body, Tandem Axle, 105' Rear Mount Telescoping Ladder Platform (1200#)


Seagrave Fire Apparatus, LLC

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FS12-19 Fire Service Apparatus (All Types)

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General Purpose, Emergency & Autonomous Vehicles




Aerial, Platform, Ladder, Ladder/Platform

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FWD Seagrave Holdings, LP dba Seagrave Fire Apparatus, LLC

Marianne Thiex
[email protected]
Phone: 715-823-1854
Fax: 715-823-5769

Webb Apparatus of Texas LLC

Sidney Webb
[email protected]
Phone: 713-834-2453
Fax: 281-459-6161

Williams Emergency Vehicle Services

James "Craig" Williams
[email protected]
Phone: 540-292-7644
Fax: 540-369-3542

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Joshua Cadoree

[email protected]
Phone: 832-681-2557
Fax: 713-993-4548