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All Hazards Preparedness, Planning, Consulting & Recovery Services

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08/01/2017 - 07/31/2021

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HGACBuy has established contracts with the following firms to provide professional planning, consulting and interim recovery services in the areas of Homeland Security, Disaster Preparedness and Recovery, Emergency Response and All Hazards Planning, as well as Continuity of Operations and Recovery Services including disaster debris monitoring.

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Description Code Manufacturer Price Discount
All Hazards and Public Health/Healthcare(Mass Trauma, Ebola, Zika, Family Assistance Center,and SNS Planning, EMAP Planning and Technical Assistance, All Hazards Test, Training, and Exercises, Analysis, Validation, and Strategy. After Action Reporting and Improvement, Staffing Surge Support, Construction Management HP17A30 Agile Management Inc. 0.00
All-Hazards IMT Services,AHIMT Training and Development, Indian Country Emergency Management, Medical Training Services, Chloeta Incident Management Team, Chloeta Training HP17A27 Chloeta Fire LLC 0.00
Category A – Planning, Public Information and Warning, Training, Exercises, Risk and Disaster Resilience Modeling and Assessment, Threats and Hazards Identification, Community Resilience, Long-Term Vulnerability Reduction, Emergency Management Program Support, Program Performance Management, Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Preparedness, Transportation Sector Emergency Preparedness --- Category B – Planning, Public Information and Warning, Training, Community Resilience, Disaster Response Services, Disaster Recovery Services HP17A12 Innovative Emergency Management, Inc. 0.00
Crisis Communication Training; NIMS ICS Training; Emergency Response and Contingency Planning; Emergency Response; Toxicology Consulting and Risk Assessment. HP17A29 Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, LLC (CTEH) 0.00
disaster planning and management; debris monitoring; disaster data/ 'ticketing' services; engineering services; damage assessment; grant funding support HP17A1 True North Emergency Management, LLC 0.00
Disaster preparedness (planning and training) HP17A26 Centurion Solutions, LLC 0.00
Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Response and Recovery, Resiliency Planning, Expert Policy and Regulatory Consulting Services, Information, Research and Financial Analysis, Project Management Support, Other Support Services, Continuity of Operations HP17A9 Solix, Inc. 0.00
Disaster preparedness; response and recovery; debris monitoring; preevent mgmt (database & asset mgmt, invoice reconciliation, FEMA assistance, etc); misc (modeling, community relations, training, etc) HP17A15 Rostan Solutions, LLC 0.00
Disaster Recovery Services; Program Management; Quality Assurance and Control; Review Documentation to ensure compliance; Strategize to maximize Federal and State Assistance. HP17A14 Plexos Group, L.L.C. 0.00
Emergency Management Counsulting Services, Debris Program Management Consulting Services, Grant Administration & Disaster Recovery Management Services, Long-Term Recovery Planning & Economic Development, Emergency Network & Response Services, Vulnerability/Hazard Identification/Risk Assessment Services, Environmental Services HP17A7 Tetra Tech, Inc. 0.00
Emergency management planning, exercise, training HP17A23 Eagle Horizon Group, Inc. 0.00
Emergency Management, Disaster Recovery Management, Debris Removal Monitoring, Business Continuity, Hazard Mitigation, Urban and Regional Planning, Training, Performance Enhancement Consulting HP17A21 GP Strategies 0.00
Emergency Response Information Portal preparedness technology; Security Awareness; Site Mapping Services; Custom eLearning Services; Emergency Planning Services. HP17A8 Navigate360, LLC 0.00
Global leader in the planning, design and implentation of critical human infrastructure in Telecommunications, Energy, Water, Government Services, and Smart Infrasctructure. HP17A33 Mission Critical Partners, LLC 0.00
Hazard Mitigation and Grant Management; All-Hazard and Security Risk Vulnerability Assessments; Preparedness & Planning; Evacuation/Mass Care/ Sheltering Planning HP17A13 iParametrics, LLC 0.00
Hazard mitigation and risk planning; grant & flood insurance development, mangement, and training; disaster recovery (monitoring services) HP17A24 H2O Partners, Inc. 0.00
Homeland Security Consulting; Disaster Preparedness and Response and Recovery Consulting and Technical Services; Continuity of Operations and Recovery Services for all Hazards. HP17A10 Metric Engineering Inc. 0.00
Inclusionary EOP Development and Review, COOP/COG Planning and Training, Shelter, Medical Shelter, and Alternate Care Site(ACS) Planning, Mass Care Sheltering Continuum, National Incident Management System/Incidient Command System Training, Emergency Management and Leadership Training, Functional Needs Support Services Training, Vulnerable Populations in Disasters Training, Basics of Deployment for First Responders Training, Medical Surge Management and Crisis Standards of Care Training and Exercise, Mass Fatality Management Training and Exercises, Hazardous Materials and Decontamination Training, Threat Assessment and Analysis, Incident Management and Staff Augmentation,Integrating Whole Community Preparedness in Emergency Management Planning Training, Disaster Recovery and COOP planning, CBRNE, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism Awareness Training for Health Care Entities, Exercise Design and Development Training HP17A32 BCFS Health and Human Services 0.00
Operations Planning; Debris Removal; Conduct Risk, Threat and Vunerability assessments; Providing SME and Advisory assistance HP17A31 Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, Inc. 0.00
Outreach, Housing Inspection, Housing Acquisition & Relocation, Program Development and Management, Disaster Case Management, Disaster Case Management Training HP17A20 GMC Consultants, LLC 0.00
Planning, Emergency Operations Center and Support Function Training; Program Management; Revovery Services and Redevelopment Planning HP17A28 Aptim Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc. 0.00
planning, mitigation, and response/recovery HP17A22 Dewberry Engineers Inc. 0.00
Planning, Training, Exercises, Awareness and Marketing, Healthcare Preparedness, and Health Security HP17A18 Constant and Associates, Inc. 0.00
Pre-Disaster Preparedness Solutions, Training and Exercise Solutions, Response Solutions, Recovery Solutions, HP17A25 Hagerty Consulting, Inc. 0.00
Preparedness and Resiliency Services, Response and Recovery Services HP17A19 DCMC, LLC dba DCMC Partners 0.00
Preparedness Planning, Risk Assessments, Capability Assessments and Gap Analyses, Training and Exercises, Real-world Event Analysis, Public Health Emergency Preparedness, Agriculture Emergency Preparedness, Special Event Planning, Climate Change Adaptation, Cyber Preparedness, Social Media and Emergency Management, School Security, Staff Augmentation, Mapping, Modeling, and Simulation, CBRNE Preparedness, Supply Chain Analysis HP17A16 The CNA Corporation 0.00
Preparedness, Planning, Consulting and Revovery Services HP17A3 Thompson Consulting Services, LLC 0.00
preparedness, response, recovery & mitigation, and crisis mgmt services HP17A2 Witt O'Brien's, LLC. 0.00
Provide leadership and expertise in Program Straegy & Design, Program Management, Emergency Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Rebuilding HP17A11 MPACT Strategic Consulting, LLC 0.00
real-time response and recovery services; emergency planning; training (emergency/homeland security issues); global threat monitoring services; cyber security planning and services HP17A6 The Olson Group, LTD 0.00
Training, Exercises, Planning, FEMA Consulting Services HP17A4 Tidal Basin Government Consulting, LLC 0.00
Waste Management, Oilfield and NORM Assesments and Clean Ups, Risk-Based Corrective Action, Professional and Technical Training, Engineering and Consulting Services, Industrial Services, Wetlands and Ecological Consultation, Real Property Transfers HP17A5 Separation Systems Consultants, Inc. 0.00