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Emergency Preparedness & Safety Equipment

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11/01/2020 - 10/31/2023

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Over 75,000 products used by first responders/first receivers, homeland security, schools, utilities, public works and many other agencies requiring general safety products.

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Emergency response equipment, including from head immobilizers, back boards, splinting materials, AED’s and other disaster relief items. EP20A-8 Performance Health Supply Inc. DBA Medco Supply, Masune & Surgical Supply Services
Maintenance and calibration services to first responders, government agencies, educational institutions, research labs and private entities throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and beyond. Safety products such as personal protective equipment and rescue supplies in addition to 24/7 support to the above listed entities. EP20A-4 FarrWest Environmental Supply Inc.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for emergency response and recovery workers, including, fire hose, boots, bunker coats, pants, gloves, helmets, fire-fighting foam and related equipment, thermal image cameras and drones.  EP20A-3 Delta Fire and Safety Inc.
Portable decontamination systems for facilities, vehicles, and equipment.  Devices are used for immediate response to infectious disease/biohazard incidents, as well as for proactive use to minimize the risk of infection and illness.  EP20A-2 AeroClave LLC
Protective clothing, disinfectant & cleaner, safety glasses, RPB T-Link Respirator etc., for multiple applications including industrial, hazmat, military, law enforcement, emergency response, biomedical and healthcare.  EP20A-7 Municipal Emergency Services, Inc.
Provide the ability to license the Odysseus™ software product.? Odysseus™ is a cloud-based program management system?that offers emergency management, homeland security, and public safety agencies a comprehensive preparedness management system that will increase operational effectiveness, ensure regulatory compliance, and maximize program efficiency. EP20A-6 Integrated Solutions Consulting Corp.
Safety equipment for emergency medical services/healthcare PPE, law enforcement PPE, seat covering for public safety vehicles EP20A-9 Rainy Falls Venture LLC dba Emergency Technical Decon
Safety equipment to a broad range of customers with a large emphasis on first responders.?? Diverse catalog of products, from simple eye/hearing and head/hand protection, to specialized suits for hazardous material handling to instrumentation for chemical and radiation detection (plus the ability to service and train on this instrumentation. EP20A-5 Fisher Scientific Company LLC
Sandbag filling machines   EP20A-10 SB Acquisition LLC-The Sandbagger LLC
Water gate/flood gates for minimizing water intrusion. Applicable industries: government, universities, hospitals, hotels, etc.  EP20A-1 Absorbent Specialty Products, LLC