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Thank You for Submitting the Interlocal Contract Form

Your membership confirmation number is . Please reference this number when making inquiries

A PDF of the ILC document has been sent to the email address provided on the previous page. Please review the instructions below for next steps.

Completing and Executing the ILC Process

Step 1 (complete)

Thank you for completing this step. A PDF copy of the ILC document will be delivered to the email address entered.

Step 2

Secure a signature by the individual identified as the Authorized Official to contractually bind your entity.

Step 3

Scan and email a copy of the contract to H-GAC at, or fax it to 713-993-2424.

The contract may also be mailed to:

H-GAC Cooperative Purchasing Program
PO Box 22777
Houston, TX 77227-2777

If you require an original signed contract, please print, sign, and mail two (2) sets of the ILC documents.

Step 4

H-GAC will execute the contract and return a copy to you electronically.