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Green Procurement

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Helping Green-up America's Communities

Green Procurement

HGACBuy is committed to assisting our members in achieving their targets and goals related to "Green Procurement." Green Procurement can mean different things to different jurisdictions.

Green Procurement minimizes negative environmental and social effects through the use of environmentally friendly products.

Green Procurement is the method wherein environmental and social considerations are taken with equal weight to the price, availability, and performance criteria that governmental entities use to make purchasing decisions.

Green Procurement attempts to identify and reduce environmental impact and to maximize resource efficiency.

Green Procurement is also known as:

  • Environmentally Preferred Purchasing
  • Green Purchasing
  • Affirmative Procurement
  • Eco-Procurement
  • Environmentally Responsible Purchasing

Products and services available through HGACBuy range from vehicles and construction equipment to consulting services. Accordingly, the standards and certifications that cover these diverse product lines may differ by industry and application.

HGACBuy members and participants are encouraged to work directly with HGACBuy contractors to learn which products may be more environmentally friendly and fit into their procurement needs. Examples include

  • Vehicles that operates from alternative fuel (Cars & Light Trucks Contract)
  • Refuse containers produced from entirely recycled materials (Refuse Containers & LIfters Contract)

HGACEnergy has Retail Electric Providers that can supply "Green Energy" to members who wish to purchase such a product for their facilities.

Please contact us by email or at 1-800-926-0234 with your suggestions about how HGACBuy can better meet your needs.



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