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Procurement Specialists' Responsibilities

Jackie Palmer
Fire Apparatus
Modular Buildings
School Buses
Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment
Rentals-Equipment & Portable Facilities
Auxiliary Power Generators
Alternative Energy Equipment
Citizen Involvement & Outreach
Street Sweepers
Loleta Chappel
Cars & Light Duty Trucks
Fleet Services Equipment
Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitiation Services
Medium & Heavy Trucks and Bodies
Sewer Clean & Inspection Equipment
Professional Planning & Consulting
Water Meters & Associated Equipments
Marlana Mack
Video Surveillance and Controlled Access Equipment
Radio Communications (radio, base stations, towers)
Law Enforcement Speed Detection & Video Equipment
Street Maintenance Equipment
Wireless Communications Service and Equip
Transit Buses
Recorder Playback Equipment (police/sheriff call recording systems)
Parks & Recreation Equipment
Vehicle Leasing
Veronica Johnson
Refuse Collection Equip (refuse bodies, balers, incinerators, etc)
Traffic Preemption Equipment
Refuse Containers and Lifters (carts, bins, cart wash services)
Grounds and Turf Equipment
Temporary Personnel & Staffing Svc
Emergency Preparedness & Safety Equipment
Portable Constn Equip ("CM": compressors, scissor lifts, shoring, etc.)
Earth Moving Equipment
Emergency Medical and Rescue Equipment
911 Equipment and Services
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