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Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery

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All Hazards Preparedness, Planning, Consulting & Recovery Services - HP10-17

Contract No.: HP10-17

Effective Date: November 01, 2017 thru July 31, 2020

NewGen Strategies and Solutions, LLC


Cost of Service and Rate Design

NewGen develops rate models that allow utilities to establish cost of service based rates, which promote waste reduction and recycling.

Procurement Services

NewGen is a provider of procurement services that assist communities in conducting fair, competitive processes to select waste management service providers.

Negotiation of Contracts and Franchise Agreements

 NewGen assists communities in analyzing collection,
processing, and disposal options that include the negotiation
of contractual terms with another party (either public or private entity.)

Operational Reviews and Efficiency Studies

NewGen conducts operational reviews tailored to meet each client's specific need. Thus ensuring the financial health and future stability of an organization.

Market/Customer Research & Benchmarking

Using a variety of methodologies – such as online surveys, focus groups, secondary research, peer group benchmarking – NewGen brings the data and analysis that drives insight and high performance.

Training, Curriculum Development, and Conduct of Workshops

NewGen works with various stakeholders and community advisors (state agencies, councils of government, city staff, etc.) to develop and conduct a variety of training programs and workshops.

Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plans

NewGen develops solid waste management plans to help local and regional governmental entities evaluate alternatives to short- and long-term solid waste management challenges. These studies may include solid waste generation and waste characterization, system evaluations, development of goals, objectives, and implementation plans.

Valuation Services

Accurate assessments regarding the fair market value of solid waste facilities helps communities achieve the highest return on their investment and make prudent decisions regarding the sale, purchase, or financing of capital assets. NewGen has experience in the appraisal of transfer stations as well as landfills.



Cost of Service and Rate Design

NewGen conducts wholesale and retail cost of service and rate design studies focusing on establishing rates which recover the utility’s full cost of service in a manner consistent with industry and regulatory standards, as well as the goals and objectives of the utility’s decision-makers.

Rate and Econometric Models

NewGen provides custom-built rate and econometric multiyear planning
models that allow clients to perform “what-if” scenarios based on userdefined

Management Audits and Benchmarking

NewGen provides management audits which can help utilities identify key areas for improvement, as well as to identify and assess how well management is meeting the goals and objectives defined by the utility’s policy makers.

Financing Plans

NewGen assists clients in developing and evaluating financing plan alternatives and the implications of those alternatives. We also specialize in assessing the potential impact to customers of the utility’s financing methods.

Valuation Services

NewGen provides valuation services which utilize methodologies recognized and accepted by the financial and regulatory communities, providing decision-makers with essential information needed to make these important and critical business decisions.

Impact Fee Studies

NewGen assists clients with the calculation and adoption of impact fees, with specific emphasis on ensuring that the fees and adoption process abide by regulatory procedures.

Contract Negotiations

NewGen provides assistance in the development and negotiation of wholesale water and wastewater contracts recognizing the unique contractual relationship of the parties. We work closely with legal advisors, working to develop contracts which protect our clients’ interests while recognizing regulatory precedent.


Cost of Service and Rate Design

NewGen's nationally recognized experts in electric and gas utility cost of service and rate making have the rate expertise and rate design experience to develop and implement alternative rates such as TOU, Critical Peak Pricing, net metering and feed-in tariffs to meet emerging customer demands and market trends.

Financial Planning

NewGen provides financial planning, modeling and advisory services and tools to reduce risks, evaluate alternatives, ensure stable financial performance and optimize available financial mechanisms.

Appraisal and Valuation of Utility Assets

The NewGen team consists of appraisal professionals certified by the American Society of Appraisers. We regularly value electric utility property in support of buy/sell transactions, financial transactions, insurance assessments and property tax valuations.

Stakeholder Engagement

NewGen assists in stakeholder engagement which is essential to driving overall customer satisfaction, building understanding and acceptance of new technologies, supporting customer behavior change, and ensuring successful capital project implementation.

Market/Customer Research & Benchmarking

Using a variety of methodologies – such as online surveys, focus groups, secondary research, peer group benchmarking – NewGen brings the data and analysis that drives insight and high performance.


NewGen’s sustainability services provide an integrated strategy and plan to optimize our client’s infrastructure and business decision making by integrating natural resources, energy, water and waste expertise with robust tools and analytics.

Power Supply and Integrated Resource Planning

Effective resource planning requires a comprehensive and strategic view of the future with careful consideration of today’s viable technologies, regulatory environment, economic conditions and social norms. Our team recognizes that the path forward consists of multiple tegies focusing on supply and demand side options, distributed generation, fuel diversity and technology.


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