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Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery

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All Hazards Preparedness, Planning, Consulting & Recovery Services - HP10-17

Contract No.: HP10-17

Effective Date: November 01, 2017 thru July 31, 2020

GCR Inc.

Services Included:

FEMA Public Assistance Program Management

GCR provides experience and knowledge of FEMA’s Public Assistance disaster framework and the roles and responsibilities following a disaster. We have familiarity and technical assistance expertise in determining cost eligibility, assisting with procurement requirements, reconciliation of insurance proceeds, grant management, project completion certification, reconciliation of final cost, project closeout and complying with record keeping and fiscal requirements following closeout, and other disaster recovery protocols.

FEMA Public Assistance Closeout

GCR has organized teams of closeout supervisors and specialists who work with grantees and subgrantees to ensure that all requirements of the Stafford Act are met. GCR conducts site visits to subgrantees; works closely with subgrantees to complete required closeout documentation; reviews grants for compliance with federal law, regulations, and policy; audits files for proper accounting and compliance; and develops corrective action protocols to address any deficiency findings in documentation and procedures. Additionally, GCR has implemented a “Closeout Portal” to manage, track, and report on closeout activity. The portal provides real-time information by project, applicant, and jurisdiction, and is available to grantee leadership and project managers on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

HUD Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Planning and Program Design

Our experience enables our team to provide immediate support to communities, taking proven program models and adapting them to fit specific needs and objectives. We collect, integrate, and analyze data, generating insights to inform decision-making related to a broad spectrum of community development needs. Through this data-informed approach, our clients maximize the impacts of their investments. Our team knows how to design innovative programs – all with a clear focus on achieving long-term community development objectives. We have led and supported initiatives that blend multiple funding sources (public and private) and know how to craft the most effective partnerships, avoiding unnecessary complexity, regulatory burden, and duplication of efforts.

HUD Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Grants Management and Compliance

Our team of former state government grant and program administrators, best-in-class workflow developers, and planning experts continue GCR’s nearly 40-year legacy of planning success. Our method of integrating project management and regulatory compliance means grantees avoid the pitfalls of missing expenditure deadlines and project milestones. Through clear roles-based responsibilities and the provision of templates and workflows, challenges related to lack of ownership and accountability are avoided and cumbersome regulatory and reporting requirements are adhered to.

Online Reporting Portals

GCR provides reporting through web-based software that aggregates funding sources into four major areas of recovery: Housing, Economic Development, Community Revitalization, and Infrastructure. The portal provides a breakdown of the funding allocated, obligated, and disbursed within each program category and allows for the filtering data by recovery program, project type, and location.

Web-Based Geographic Information Systems Portals

GCR customizes and hosts web-based, interactive GIS mapping resource for visualizing and reporting on a community’s demographics, housing, and economy. The overlay of multiple data coverages provides useful information on trends and activities at various geographic levels, from a wide regional view to a more granular neighborhood snapshot. The tool assists in locating where policies, programs, and investments are needed most.


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