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Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery

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All Hazards Preparedness, Planning, Consulting & Recovery Services - HP08-17

Contract No.: HP08-17

Effective Date: August 1, 2017 thru July 31, 2020

Tetra Tech, Inc.

Services Included:

Emergency Management Consulting

Hazard mitigation planning; emergency operations planning; continuity of operations (COOP) planning; continuity of government (COG) planning; emergency support function (ESF) planning; departmental emergency response planning; evacuation planning; regional catastrophic planning; mass care/surge capacity planning; MMRS planning; volunteer management planning; family assistance center and reunification planning; EMAP accreditation support; strategic planning; disaster debris management planning; information technology disaster recovery planning; crisis communication/public information planning; HAZMAT commodity flow studies and local emergency planning committee; crisis planning for higher education; training, testing and exercises; integrated planning and management system; internet/computer-based training; asset management; operations center services; shared/integrated digital environmental; Occupational Health and Safety Planning; Ebola and other special emerging pathogens planning; mass fatality planning; responder and disaster worker health and safety; community rating system (CRS) assessment; CRS application; repetitive loss area analysis

Debris Program Management Consulting Services

Comprehensive program management; disaster debris removal procurement and negotiations; collection monitoring; disposal monitoring; hazardous waste collection, disposal and monitoring; leaner/hanger/stump removal monitoring; debris management site (DMS) environmental support; beach remediation/restoration; private property debris removal (PPDR) program administration; waterway debris removal monitoring; field data collection/ management/billing/invoicing; data management; customer information/citizen hotline/community relations; emergency responder website services; data collection

Grant Administration and Disaster Recovery Management Services

FEMA reimbursement technical assistance consulting; FEMA compliance monitoring and audit oversight; IA services; PA services, grant application development and administration; HUD CDBG-DR services; Unmet needs assessment; policies and procedures manual development; damage assessment; eligibility consultation; project ranking; financial advisory; cash flow management; procurement assistance; benefit cost analysis; feasibility and effectiveness studies; floodplain feasibility modeling; advanced feasibility modeling; site survey and legal description review; owners representative services; appraisal and valuation services; title due diligence; public outreach program; public meeting facilitation; homeowner consultation; relocation assistance; property management; negotiations; closing; data and documentation management; hazard mitigation proposals; contractor invoice reconciliation; regulatory compliance monitoring; project scoping; insurance adjusting/subrogation; eligibility appeals; grant closeout; HUD action plan development; unmet needs analysis; emergency operations center staff augmentation

Long-Term Recovery Planning and Economic Development

Long-term recovery planning; economic development; land use planning

Emergency Network and Response Services

Emergency response and support; planning, engineering, and management services; audits, inspections; and maintenance services; microwave services; tower erection and modifications; civil construction services; building upgrades; electrical systems, including AC/DC power and battery backup; generator systems; troubleshooting; site development and real estate services; software application development

Vulnerability/Hazard Identification/ Risk Assessment Services

Hazardous identification and incident response; ecological risk assessments; CERCLA and RCRA Evaluation; vulnerability assessments

Environmental Services

HUD/FEMA environmental reviews, decontamination; climate change adaptation; restoration and remediation


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