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Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery

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All Hazards Preparedness, Planning, Consulting & Recovery Services - HP08-17

Contract No.: HP08-17

Effective Date: August 1, 2017 thru July 31, 2020

iParametrics, LLC

Services Included:

All-hazard Planning and Risk Assessment
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) Development and Updates
-All-Hazard and Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
-ISC Security Assessments
-All-hazard Risk Analysis and Management
-Preparedness and Planning
-NERC CIP Compliance
-Continuity of Operations (COOP)/Continuity of Government (COG) Planning
-Enterprise Security Planning
-Evacuation/Mass Care/Sheltering Planning
-Grant Management Assistance (SHSP, UASI, PSGP)
-Policy and Procedure Development
-Exercises and Scenario Facilitation/Training Services
-Security System Design
-EOC and SOC Planning and Staffing
-Program and Project Management

iParametrics' team of Certified Protection Professionals (CPP), subject matter experts, planners, and engineers understand how take effective measure to reduce risk from natural and manmade events.  From risk analysis to planning and grant writing to public outreach, training and engineering, we have the experience required to improve your resiliency.

As a full-service emergency management consulting firms, the iParametrics team understands the importance of developing, updating, exercising, and implementing plans. We have the capacity and capability to provide any emergency management service.

Our team has real-world, hands-on security and emergency management experience that affords us the ability to develop a wide range of plans--from enterprise security to hazard mitigation to sheltering and long-term recovery; we understand the importance of easy-to-implement plans that address all hazards or specific threats.

iParametrics does not use find and replace templates; we custom design every plan to suit the specific needs of our clients.

All plans and deliverables are conducted in strict compliance with applicable laws and planning guidance. Furthermore, all plans are delivered with easy-to-follow job aids, check lists, and toolkits.

iParametrics' HSEEP exercise and training team has developed, designed, and delivered hundreds of exercises and courses.  From single agency tabletops to multi-jurisdictional, full scale exercises, our team has the experience to ensure engaging, thought provoking exercises that provide critical learning opportunities for participants.  Every exercise provided by iParametrics is followed by an intensive After Action Report (AAR) and Improvement Plan (IP).

With extensive experience in security and antiterrorism force protection, iParametrics can provide security system designs which cover all the devices, technologies and specialist materials for perimeter, external and internal protection. Additionally, our team is experienced in providing vulnerability assessment and security design services for public utilities such as water, wastewater, and electric grid.

Hazard Mitigation
-Hazard Mitigation Plan Development and Update
-Flood Management Planning
-Community Rating System (CRS) Program Support
-Public Outreach Assistance
-Grant Management Assistance (404, HMGP, PDM, FMA)

iParametrics team of Certified Floodplain Managers, planners, and engineers understand how to take effective measure to reduce disaster risk.  From planning and grant writing to public outreach and engineering, we have the experience required to improve your resiliency. We can help you navigate through the process, develop actionable plans, and receive funding for critical mitigation projects.

Emergency and Security Response
-EOC and SOC Support and Staffing
-Planning and Incident Action Planning (IAP) Preparation
-On-Call Subject Matter Expertise (All Emergency Support Functions)

As emergency management professionals, the iParametrics team understands that during an incident, you may not have all of the resources and staff to support incident response needs. Our incident management team and remote support group are on standby at all times to augment your staff.

Our incident management team members represent a diverse group with significant knowledge of all hazards incident response.  Our team contains members who are trained and certified in every command and general staff position and experienced with ESFs #1 through 15.  Our team also has experienced EOC operators who can successfully support any needs before, during, or after an event.

FEMA Public Assistance and Disaster Recovery
-Damage Assessments
-Project Worksheet Development
-FEMA PA and CDBG-DR Grant Management
-Long Term Community Recovery
-Cost Recovery
-DAC Tracking
-Project Closeout
-Auditing, Integrity Monitoring and Compliance
-Program and Project Management

iParametrics' nationwide team of disaster recovery experts are ready at a moment’s notice to support your community. Having responded to some of the nation’s most catastrophic and complex disasters, our team is seasoned to handle any size or type of disaster.

Our disaster response team can support all operations from damage assessments through Project Worksheet (PW) formulation and management.

During the PW Development Phase, we will evaluate each project for the potential inclusion into FEMA’s Section 428 Public Assistance Alternative Procedures (PAAP) Program.  This program allows communites to secure funds more expeditiously following a disaster.

The iParametrics team will use all available tools, and develop others if needed, to ensure that PW versions are appropriately tracked through closeout.

iParametrics estimating and technical experts have conducted thousands of disaster cost estimates and scopes of work that meet all of the requirements of FEMA and capture all of the financial elements an applicant is eligible to receive under federal, state and local disaster programs.

Our FEMA Cost Estimating Format (CEF) trainers can train local staff in FEMA’s processes and techniques to save money and increase efficiency.

iParametrics team will work to ensure that the maximum eligible reimbursement is received and retained on behalf of our clients during all phases of appeals.

During the closeout phase, iParametrics will work with clients in order to improve their overall financial reporting processes and ensure regulatory compliance in order to maximize reimbursement.

iParametrics has Certified Fraud Examiners and professional financial experts who will work with the client to identify potential problems early, prevent compliance violations and help improve program performance.

-Risk Analytics
-Disaster Modeling
-GIS Modeling
-CDR Disaster Pro

iParametrics leverages various technology platforms such as analytics engines to drive insight discovery of client operations through data visualization.

iParametrics utilizes proprietary modeling software developed by Swiss Re to perform GIS modeling of client assets overlaid with statistical analysis of natural hazard exposure and risk profiles for a broad range of regional and local hazard events.

A cornerstone of our approach is the utilization of iParametrics’ team member, CDR Maguire’s CDR Disaster Pro to create a streamlined disaster recovery platform that tracks projects on a granular (site) level beginning with damage assessments and site visits all the way through closeout and potential audit. CDR Disaster Pro is a custom built, all-in-one disaster recovery software solution and will be the primary management tool for Public Assistance recovery programs.


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