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Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery

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All Hazards Preparedness, Planning, Consulting & Recovery Services - HP08-17

Contract No.: HP08-17

Effective Date: August 1, 2017 thru July 31, 2020

Dewberry Consultants LLC

The All Hazards Preparedness, Planning Consulting and Recovery Services (for security, disaster preparedness, and emergency response and recovery) provided under this contract, and the allowable charges for those services, shall be per contractor's proposal submitted March 10, 2016, in response to
H-GAC Request For Proposals HP07-16.

Services Included:

Preparedness Planning

Emergency Operations
- Continuity of Operations/Government
- Incident Specific Plans (hurricanes, terrorism, among others)
- Standard Operating Procedures
- Access and Functional Needs
- Shelter and Mass Care
- Evacuation
- Family Assistance Centers
- Companion Animal Evacuation and Shelter
- Public Health
- Special Events
- Debris Management
- Community Recovery Plans
- Catastrophic
- Logistic and Point Distribution
- Commodity Flow Studies
- Emergency Operations Assessments
- Field Operations Plans
- Program and Capability Assessments


Exercise and Evaluation:
- Discussion-Based Exercises (tabletops, workshops, seminars)
- Operations Based Exercises (drills, functional, full scale)
- Exercise Design and Conduct
- Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning
- Training and Exercise Assessments and Planning Workshops


Disaster Response:
FEMA and State Administered Grants
- Homeowner Coordination and Outreach
- Hazard Mitigation Services such as BCA
- Personal Technical Training
- Foundation Design and Construction Management

Response and Recovery

Disaster Response and Recovery:
Damage Assessments
- Personnel Training and Development
- Preplanning and Preparedness Activities
- Disaster response and Assessments
- Community Recovery Operations
- Cost estimating
- Hazard Mitigation Services
- Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Surge Support
- Environmental Assistance
- FEMA Substantial Damage Estimates

Public Assistance Grant Administration:
Program and Process Assessment
- Strategic Planning for Maximizing Reimbursements
- Project Worksheet Development
- Long-Term Project and Grant Management
- Appeal Process Support
- Identification of Key Funding Sources
- Identification of Alternate Funding Sources
- Closeout

Infrastructure Assessment:
- Wide of Housing Construction and Infrastructure Engineering
- Architectural and Environmental Disciplines

Debris Management:
- Debris Volumes/Estimates
- Debris Management Needs Assessment
- Strategic Debris Management and Operations Plan Development
- Debris Management Operations
- Disaster Assistance Response and Recovery Technology GIS Tool

Additional Services

Geospatial and Mapping Services:
- Geospatial Data Development
- Remote Sensing
- Field and Customer Site Services
- Geoprocessing and Analysis
- GeoTool Development and Services
- Survey Services
- Asset Management

Strategic Consulting:
- Organizational Strategy and Design – Develop the right strategy for your organization and turn it into sustainable practices.
- Process Optimization – Reach your organization’s strategic goals through our practical, do-able, results-driven approach to process improvement.
- Talent Strategies -With our support, create processes, tools, and cultures that attract, motivate, engage, and retain your high-potential talent.

Flood Mapping:
- Flood Risk Management
- Flood Hazard Analysis

Water Resources:
- Storm Water Management
- Water Quality
- Water Supply and Management


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