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International 4400, 2-Door, Aluminum Treadplate Body, Single Axle, 500 GPM Pump, Painted 1800 Gal Wetside Tank-LE Series Tanker


KME Fire Apparatus

Product Code



FS12-17: Fire Service Apparatus (All Types)

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General Purpose, Emergency & Autonomous Vehicles



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Pumper; Pumper Tanker

Vendors Offering This Product

Allsource Enterprise LLC dba Safe Industries

Meredith Martin
Phone: 864-845-7157 x 2233
Fax: 864-845-7176

Bulldog Fire Apparatus, Inc.

Jeffrey Mazza
Phone: 508-435-4200
Fax: 508-435-0250

Bulldog Fire Apparatus, Inc.

David Rich
Phone: 508-435-4200
Fax: 508-435-0250

Cascade Fire and Safety (Cascade Fire Equipment)

Jordan Koffler
Phone: 800-572-3939

Fire Service Inc.

Shawn Junker
Phone: 219-365-7157
Fax: 219-365-8572

FireLine, Inc.

Ryan McDonel
Phone: 770-601-3389
Fax: 770-868-4455

First Priority Emergency Vehicles, Inc.

Skip Stinger
Phone: 609-516-4796
Fax: 732-657-7955

Goodman Specialized Vehicles, LLC

David Carden
Phone: 804-561-2008
Fax: 804-561-4823

Hawaii Specialty Vehicles

Nathan Reyes
Phone: 808-842-1125
Fax: 808-842-1124

Keystone Fire Apparatus Inc.

Thomas Ball
Phone: 412-771-7722
Fax: 412-771-7780

KME Fire Apparatus

Ryan Slane
Phone: 800-235-3928
Fax: 570-669-5124

L. I. Proliner, Inc.

Billy Georgiou
Phone: 631-447-9558
Fax: 631-447-9548

Legacy Truck Centers, Inc. dba Fire and Rescue Products

Loyan Barrick
Phone: 717-443-4509
Fax: 717-238-1901

Matheny Motor Truck Company dba Matheny Fire & Emergency

Tim Allaband
Phone: 484-888-3276
Fax: 301-790-3590

North America Fire Equipment CO., Inc. (NAFECO)

Doris Thrasher
Phone: 800-628-6233
Fax: 256-355-0852

North America Fire Equipment CO., Inc. (NAFECO)

Ronald Woodall
Phone: 256-353-7100
Fax: 256-355-0852

Payette Sales and Service Inc.

Christopher Payette
Phone: 734-676-2451
Fax: 734-676-1740

Pete’s Equipment Repair Inc.

Pete Marquez, Sr.
Phone: 505-242-6969
Fax: 505-242-4156

Contact HGACBuy

Marlana Mack
Phone: 713-993-2484
Fax: 713-993-4548